We offer comprehensive legal services for an investment project or selected aspects of it.

We help in the selection and purchase of real estate, adjust the scope of the legal audit to the client’s needs, prepare transparent and user – friendly reports.

We prepare and negotiate the content of transaction documentation. We focus on safeguarding your business on the one hand, but we never lose sight of the goal you want. We know how important it is for you to make the transaction happen quickly. We help in all procedures for obtaining financing.

We prepare and negotiate agreements with banks and other financing or hedging institutions under project finance contracts.

In the case of a client who is the insurance or financing entity, we conduct legal audits in the area of ​​interest to you, we negotiate agreements and documents securing the financing for the project. We also represent financing entities in registration proceedings, including entries in the land and mortgage register and pledge register. We also draw up transparent legal opinions on various topics that need to be resolved, necessary for the purpose of making financing decisions or confirming that the investor fulfills the conditions at the stage of financing and then servicing it after financing the investment.

We prepare and negotiate all documents and agreements related to real estate, in particular easements, use, mortgages, agreements on good neighborliness, agreements between co-owners regarding the management of a common property.

We help with various types of restructuring. We do not avoid difficult and risky matters. Our participation is to enable you to make the best decision and to successfully complete the most complicated ventures.


We represent clients in court proceedings. These are non-contentious processes and proceedings as well as enforcement proceedings.

We represent our clients in administrative proceedings before administrative authorities and administrative courts, as well as before arbitration courts and in mediation proceedings.

We have experience in matters of corporate disputes (including appealing against resolutions of the constituting bodies), disputes between investors and contractors, renters with tenants, updating procedures for annual fees for perpetual usufruct, proceedings for acquisitive prescription, establishing various easements and many others. We reach the courts and enforcement authorities for our clients.

We have experience in consulting and representation in administrative procedures related to the investment process, including environmental law, planning procedures, construction, water, division and consolidation, protection of monuments, perpetual usufruct rights, expropriations and restrictions on the use of real estate, claims for reimbursement property.


We provide legal assistance to private law companies and public companies. We conduct assemblies of executive bodies, supervisory boards and management boards. We prepare corporate documentation, company agreements, statutes, draft resolutions, minutes of shareholder meetings, shareholders and shareholders, and all other corporate law documents or declarations.

We support our clients in matters related to compliance, reporting and reporting, and fulfill the information obligations of issuers.

We advise on the creation and liquidation of companies, their transformation, mergers and divisions. We have many years of experience in advising investors, management staff and people assisting or assisting the work of the management board, supervisory board and shareholders’ meeting or general meeting of shareholders in capital companies, in all corporate matters and related to the operation of limited liability companies and joint-stock companies. We also have experience in advising financial directors, among others in matters related to accounting.


We advise on all matters related to the current conduct of business, issues related to the law of commercial contracts and labor law.

We represent clients in business, civil, arbitration, mediator and labor courts. We prepare and review transaction documentation, commercial contracts and documentation related to the performance of contracts or disputes.

We advise on all employee matters and represent clients before labor courts. We prepare and review employment contracts, work regulations, remuneration and all other documents related to the employment relationship.


We help in the preparation of all investment projects. We advise on finding appropriate solutions.

We prepare transaction documentation, we negotiate content for you, we help with any accompanying issues and procedures.

In selected cases, we can help in finding an institutional investor specializing in financing or purchasing investments in various phases of the project implementation.